EXCLUSIVE: How I Prevented Burning Of Owerri North Police Station, Imo Trad. Ruler Reveals… Highlights His Roles To Stop Rift Between Hausas, Fulanis in Imo

EXCLUSIVE: How I Prevented Burning Of Owerri North Police Station, Imo Trad. Ruler Reveals… Highlights His Roles To Stop Rift Between Hausas, Fulanis in Imo

By Augustine Ehikioya

The Obilobi of Uratta Ancient Clan in Imo State, Prof. Amobi Mike Uwaleke (PhD), has revealed the steps he took to prevent protesters from burning down the Owerri North Police Station.

The Royal Father, who is the Ezeudo of Obibi Uratta Community in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, also disclosed the measures he took to ensure peace between Hausas and Fulanis in the State after a tensed incident that claimed the lives of some Hausas in the area.

(HRH Eze Prof. Amobi Uwaleke, Obilobi of Uratta Ancient Clan)

The Professor made the revelation in an exclusive interview with Security Watch Africa (SWA).

He said “During the EndSARS movement, they wanted to come and burn the Police Station here, which is the largest Police Station in Imo State, and the DPO came here and told me that they are coming from Orji to Owerri North Police Station. And that they have gone to burn the Police Station at Orji.

“I told them to first and foremost remove their equipment and come and put them in the palace for safe guide. I then called the local vigilante, I addressed them and asked if they would allow the Police Station to be burnt, and that they should remember they will not have a Police Station again.

“They asked me what they should do. I then told them to move in and infiltrate into the protesters and take over their leadership in order to protect their Police Station. And that is what they did.

“Some of them that were armed went to the Police Station to support the Police, the other ones infiltrated into the demonstrators and they were all coming to Toronto. Their leaders were then able to turn them away from coming to Owerri North Police Station. That is how that Police Station was saved,” he added.

Explaining further how he was able to achieve the feat, he said “My CSO is a retired Police Officer, we put heads together to save the Police Station. I couldn’t sleep until I made sure the Station was protected.”

The killing of three Hausas in the State, he said, almost led to breakdown of law and order, except for the timely intervention of the committee he headed.

He said “Then there was a time Hausa/Fulani had problem here. Then the Governor appointed me to settle the matter between the Hausas and the Fulanis, Miyetti Allah from Port Harcourt. Because the Plateau people, the Hausas, lost about 3 people, the Fulanis killed them.

“I handled the matter by summoning all of them here, the Miyetti Allah was coming from Port Harcourt, the Sarkin Hausa, all came, the Plateau people all came and I settled the matter.

“The Governor then gave me a free hand. So what I did was to talk to the Miyetti Allah to talk to his people and that since 3 people have died, we cannot wake them up but that each person that owns a cow should contribute money for us to give to these people so that they can bury the deads.

“And they complied. And the day we made the peace and they came and brought about N3 million or N4 million. We gave the money to the Plateau people, and then peace was restored.

“Since then, there have been no problem because I spoke to the Sarkin Hausa very well and the Miyetti Allah. I told them that I cannot and I will not allow such a thing to happen in this place. And there should be coexistence among all tribes, among all ethnic groups coming together,” he said.

Among the people that made up his cabinet, he said, were Hausas and the Fulanis.

“So why must we discriminate against ourselves? We are one Nigeria,, the same country, the same destiny. So why should we?” he queried.

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