GHANA: Court Prescribes Route, Time, Location For ‘Arise Ghana’s Demonstration

GHANA: Court Prescribes Route, Time, Location For ‘Arise Ghana’s Demonstration

By Augustine Ehikioya


Ruling on a case brought before it by Ghana Police Service, a court of law has stipulated how the proposed ‘Arise Ghana’s Demonstration should hold.

Before the court ruling, there was disagreement between the Police and the organisers of the demonstration on the modalities of the demonstration.

The organisers had proposed to hold the demonstration in Accra for two continuous days and for its members to picket in front of the Jubilee House during the night.

It also planned to start the demonstration on the first day at 3 pm and end at 10 pm and resume the next day.

But disagreeing with the proposal, the Police had approached the court to intervene in the matter.

So in its ruling on Monday, the court altered the modalities of the demonstration as earlier proposed by the organizers.

Latest statement issued on the case by the Chief Superintendent of Police, Grace Ansah-Akrofi of the Public Affairs, and made available to Security Watch Africa (SWA), reads “The Court after considering the application by the Police in respect of the intended demonstration by the Arise Ghana group and the Affidavit in opposition which was filed by lawyers of the group has ruled as follows:

“The demonstrators are to converge at the Obra Spot (Circle) and terminate the demonstration at the Independence Square.

“The demonstration to commence at 8am and end at 4pm.

“A representative from the Office of the President to receive their petition, if any.

“The Organisers of the demonstration are to ensure strict compliance with the Public Order Act,” the court stipulated.

The Police, in the statement, added “We have since contacted Arise Ghana and reiterated our commitment to provide the necessary protection for the demonstration in line with the court’s ruling.

“They have in turn given the assurance that they will get back to us later today.

“We wish to assure the public that the Police will continue to play its part to deepen our democratic practices,” it stated.

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