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KENYA: Inspector General Of Police Hails Officers For Successful Elections… Welcomes Financial Autonomy Announced By New President

KENYA: Inspector General Of Police Hails Officers For Successful Elections… Welcomes Financial Autonomy Announced By New President

By Augustine Ehikioya


For the successful conclusion of elections in Kenya, the Ag. Inspector General of the National Police Service, Door Y. Gabow, has sent appreciation to all officers for their commendable delivery during the elections.

According to him, long hours of preparation by the Police contributed majorly to the success of the election.

In a statement issued on Wednesday and made available to Security Watch Africa (SWA), he said “The election season has come to an end and today the Nation has commenced a journey under a new administration to offer services to the citizens. During this momentous period, without a doubt, the Service performed exemplarily, proved to the world that we had collectively made a turnaround and are primed to tackle the abounding 21 century policing challenges, including attendant threats to law and order.

‘The successes that we have registered coming out of the election is a testament of the long hours of preparation undertaken in an effort to secure the election and the Nation.

“Not only did we focus on the election security per se, but also went further to design a deliberate focus on responsiveness to our clients – the citizens.

‘To achieve this feat, we did not work in isolation but rather collaborated with stakeholders within the electoral environment, the public security sector, development partners and the public amongst many others for a wholesome outcome.

“Going forward, we should endeavor to build on such partnerships and collaborative engagements, which significantly boosted our performance.”

The statement added “It is therefore no doubt that the Service has been appreciated by many stakeholders for the professional conduct exhibited by all officers before, during and after the elections.

“This notable conduct was premised on democratic policing ideals and respect for human rights that we adopted, hence the absence of any notable negative incident but rather, abundant warm words of appreciation and encouragement from imminent personalities and entities from across the world.”

Recalling many tributes made to the Police Service, he said “H.E Jakaya Kikwete, former President of Tanzania who led the East Africa Community Observer Mission in Kenya paid a glowing tribute to the Service for its professionalism.

“These sentiments were echoed by many other Observer Missions accredited to the election process.

“The above acknowledged, the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E Dr. William Samoei Ruto during his inauguration ceremony equally noted and applauded the performance of the security sector during the entire electoral process.”

All the tributes singling out the Service for appreciation, he advised, should not be taken for granted but embraced with utmost humility and gratitude.

He went on “Further, we as a Service should feel honored and in turn seize this goodwill moment in the spirit of Police reforms and in turn amplify such democratic policing good practices, entrenching them as an integral aspect of our core-policing norm.

“This is the least we can do as a Service to serve the Nation diligently and professionally going forward.

“We are also all equally aware of the pronouncement made by His Excellency the President during the inauguration on the financial independence of the Office of the Inspector General of Police.

“We wholeheartedly welcome this move, since this autonomy shall go a long way to empower the Service plan ahead and provide services in a timely, proactive and transformative way.

“By way of gratitude to His Excellency the President and his government, I exhort all the rank and file to reciprocate this policy shift by doubling our targeted service delivery outputs to the public.

“Therefore, as we move forward to serve and protect the Nation, its citizens and their property, let us continue to do so in in observance of democratic policing tenets and respect for human rights. Let us all strive to serve with the consent and support of the communities that we police. Being responsive to the needs of the public is therefore our new bare minimal way of serving and collaborating with the public.

“Lastly. I take this opportunity to applaud and appreciate all officers, including our partners within the public security sector who continue to cooperate with us in protecting the Nation. Your dedication to service during the recently concluded election is a testament of your loyalty, patriotism to your Nation and commitment to your respective oath of service.

“I therefore urge you all to keep up the tempo and play your part in security provision by facilitating the Government to achieve its governance focus of transforming the economy,” he stated.

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