KENYA: Police Re-Arrests Escaping Murder, Rape, Robbery Suspect

KENYA: Police Re-Arrests Escaping Murder, Rape, Robbery Suspect

By Augustine Ehikioya


Police officials in Kenya have re-arrested a murder, rape, and robbery suspect, John Muturi Keneya.

The suspect had been on the run for five months after escaping from custody while awaiting arraignment.

This was disclosed in a statement by Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). It was obtained on Friday by Security Watch Africa (SWA).

The statement said “A capital offender who has been on the run for the past five months after escaping from Police custody for murder, rape and robbery with violence, has been arrested by detectives.

“John Muturi Keneya alias Francis Limo Ngugi, had been remanded by the Kiambu High Court at Karuri Police Station in June this year, as he awaited mental assessment.

“However, the serial rapist had other plans. As they were being served their evening meal on June, 22, at around 6:30pm, he sneaked out of the cells mysteriously and disappeared into darkness.

“This prompted a manhunt for the notorious criminal, also the main suspect in the murder of his wife who died after being stabbed on the chest, in August last year.

“After staging his daring escape, the suspect went to hiding in Namanga town, where he has been doing odd jobs to eke a living,” it said.

The statement went on “Yesterday morning, detectives received information on the whereabouts of the fugitive, through the DCI anonymous tip line.

“A team was immediately dispatched to the border town and after a few hours, the suspect was smoked out of his hideout.

“The suspect is currently in custody awaiting arraignment,” it said.

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