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NIGERIA: Army Reviews Rules of Engagement, Code of Conduct For Troops Taking Part In 2023 General Elections… As Army Chief Assures Nigerians Of Safety… Seeks Sustenance Of Measures To Stamp Out Terrorists, Bandits

NIGERIA: Army Reviews Rules of Engagement, Code of Conduct For Troops Taking Part In 2023 General Elections… As Army Chief Assures Nigerians Of Safety… Seeks Sustenance Of Measures To Stamp Out Terrorists, Bandits

By Augustine Ehikioya


Towards a secured and hitch-free 2023 General Elections, the Nigerian Army has reviewed its Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct for general elections security.

The review, according to the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General, Faruk Yahaya, is to ensure that troops remain professional and not drawn into politics throughout the elections.

He also directed that all the troops that will be involved in the 2023 general elections security must be given a copy of the new Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct For the general elections security.

(The Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya delivering his address at the Conference)

The Army Chief spoke in Abuja on Tuesday while declaring open the 2022 COAS 3rd Quarter Conference. Security Watch Africa (SWA) was there.

He said “The Nigerian Army is also firming up its preparations to provide the necessary security assistance to ensure the successful conduct of the 2023 general elections.

“As electioneering activities for general elections begin, I wish to once again assure the public that the Nigerian Army remains committed to discharge its constitutional responsibilities and assist in providing secured environment for the conduct of the general elections through Operation SAFE CONDUCT.

“You may all recall that in the last conference I mentioned that the Nigerian Army will review its Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct for general elections.

“I am happy to inform you all that the reviewed document is ready and will be distributed at the end of this conference. Commanders are therefore to ensure that all personnel deployed for security duties during the election period are given personal copies and thoroughly educated on the guidelines provided in the document,” he stated.

Stressing that there have been great achievements against terrorists, bandits and kidnappers between the 2nd Quarter Conference and now, he urged the various Commanders not to rest on their oars.

He said that efforts must be sustained to stamp out terrorists and other criminals from Nigeria.

General Faruk Yahaya said “You have all done well in the implementation of the decisions taken during the last conference as evident in the successes recorded, particularly in our ongoing operations across all theatres of operation.

“Our kinetic actions in the North East theatre of operations have continued to dismantle the cohesion of the insurgents resulting in massive surrenders of the terrorists.

“This has positively impacted on the morale of troops and greatly bolstered the confidence of the citizens. Efforts must therefore be geared towards leveraging on the gains so far recorded to stamp out the miscreants permanently.”

Noting that the prompt and regular holding of the Conference is in line with his resolve to maintain constant interaction with Commanders in the field and collectively make improvements in all operations and other activities, the Army Chief thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for his constant support to the Nigerian Army.

He also disclosed that the recent successful hosting of Nigerian Army Day Celebration in the South East has impacted positively on the security situation in the region, stressing that the troops have continued to take decisive actions against the secessionists.

The troops deployed in the South South region under Operation DELTA SAFE, he said, have also continued to perform “creditably with the rejuvenated joint operations leading to the arrest of several suspects and their sponsors.”

On the South West, the COAS said, the Nigerian Army has also continued to contribute positively for the maintenance of security in the region,

This, he said, has made the South West relatively calm, generally.

He added “Our security arrangements in the region have been reinforced in collaboration with other security agencies, particularly in the wake of the unfortunate incursions by terrorists to the region.

“More successes are envisaged in the region in the days ahead as concerted efforts are been undertaken to track and apprehend the criminals as well as their sponsors.”

He said that offensive operations have also been intensified in the North West and North Central regions since the second quarter conference.

“Accordingly, troops in conjunction with the Nigerian Air Force have continued to neutralize bandits’ and destroy their hideouts under the recently launched onslaughts such as Operation DESERT SANITY.

“As troops continue to sustain the offensives on the bandits and terrorists, efforts are ongoing to enhance our training activities and inject more manpower as well as game changing equipment into all theatres of operations. In this regard, we remain grateful to the Commander in Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for his exemplary leadership and unflinching support.” he stated.

The Third Quarter Conference, he said, provides an important platform to further appraise the Nigerian Army’s performance and also bring in fresh ideas to enhance its activities on all fronts.

“I therefore expect all participants, particularly the newly appointed Commanders to advance new strategies accordingly,” he said.

The COAS also disclosed that some selected Commanding Officers, particularly from the maneuver and other Arms and Services, and all the Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSMs) of all the Divisions of the Nigerian Army, have been invited to the Conference in order to drive home some vital information, instructions and guidance down the chain of Command.

He said “The Commanding Officers are Tactical Commanders who lead or deploy the point sections and contact troops in most of our operations. Talking to them directly through the Conference is expected to improve their confidence, operational skills and competences and thus enhance the outcomes of our operations.

“The RSMs are well respected fathers of their formations and units, custodians of NA ethics, customs and traditions and regimentation. In that unique position, they provide critical link between officers and soldiers and it is expected that their attendance of the Conference will further enhance that connect, improve their confidence, information flow and understanding and ensures soldiers get insights first hand from their RSMS on the issues discussed, conclusions reached and decisions taken at the Conference,” he said.

Speaking earlier in his welcome address, the Chief of Policy and Plans of the Nigerian Army, Major General Anthony Omozoje, thanked the COAS, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, for his outstanding leadership style.

The style, he said, has made the various Commanders and Principal Staff Officers to record the recent achievements.

After the Group photographs at the end of the opening ceremony, the Conference went into a closed session.

Issues to be taken at the closed session included Review of Summary of Decisions Taken at the COAS Second Quarter Conference 2022, Intelligence Brief, Updates on NA Operations Activities, Updates on NA Training Activities.

Others are Brief on OPHK, Presentation on Manpower Audit of OPHK, Open Mic Discussion on the Briefs of the day, and Presentation of Trophies and Medals to COAS by DAPT.

At the Conference were Principal Staff Officers; Chief of Defence Intelligence, Major General Samuel Abiodun Adebayo; Commandant of the Nigeria Defence Academy, Major General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf and other Operational Commanders.

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